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Swimming Pool Wire Pulling Lubricant and Gasket Grease Lube 8 oz

Pool Tone® Pool & Spa Lubricant 8 ounce's

For use when pulling new pool cords for pool and spa lights.

Pool Tone POOL & SPA LUBRICANT has been developed exclusively for the pool and spa industry and is the best product of its kind.

Also used for:
Keeps O-rings hydrated and in original form without the over-extension and flexing left by traditional lubricants
Releases seized backwash valves
Ensures a more reliable and secure seal on pumps and motors, pool and spa lights
DRAMATICALLY improves performance on all moving parts without attracting dirt and debris
Can reach applications where traditional lubricants cannot (Piston valve O-rings, Jandy Shaft valve O-rings)
Works wonders on threaded components without attracting sand or grit
“Mess-free” application with or without included straw attachment
Improves the performance and life of tools, vacuum parts, locks, hinges, gates, rollers…everything!
Biodegradable, Non-Flammable, and Safe to use around people and pets
Perfect in both fresh water and salt water applications