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PoolTone™ 16 Color LED Aqualuminator 69100000 Replacement bulb

16 Color LED above ground light replacement bulb for aqualuminator lights
Completely sealed in clear plastic so they cannot leak like other brands.  This also enhances the brightness as the LEDs are bonded into the clear resin 
High quality SMD LED's
Lights consume a maximum of 18 Watts of power and are the highest powered (brightest) above ground led light bulb available in the US
Lights are rated for 50,000 hours of operation
Comes with a 1 year warranty
There are a total of 16 color/show combinations
7 solid colors and 9 color shows
Lights are controlled by light switch, no separate controllers needed
To advance lights you simply turn off/on within 8 seconds to advance to next color option.
Lights have a memory function so when turned off longer than 8 seconds they will remember the last setting when turned back on.
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