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PoolTone™ Spa Aftermarket Replacement board for Pentair® Intellibrite® White

You know what's worse then spending over $500 dollars for a color LED pool light?  Having the internal board fail right after the warranty expires.  Fixing it using OEM parts is $380 or more, but even worse is that it will fail again the same way as before. We designed our replacement board to be better and last longer and sell it at a much lower price. This kit allows you to repair your existing Pentair® Intellibrite® White 5G spa light 
Easy installation, same connector and single screw completes installation.
Our LED board has 72 individual LED's, the stock OEM version has 6, yes a rounding error, they haven't updated them in a very long time.
Our lights are over three times brighter
Retrofit board that fits into existing Intellibrite® systems that have failed boards
Using state of the art LED technology this kit will allow you to breath new life and a greater appreciation for the investments you have already made at a fraction of the cost of installing new color LED fixtures  
This kit consists of the following:
1 - 16 White LED board
1 - Controller module
1 - Single Mount Screw
1 - Lens Gasket
1 - Brass Pilot screw with gum washer
Fits all standard Intellibrite® 5G SPA size fixtures
For larger pool size fixtures see our other listing
Brand New Direct Replacement Underwater Spa Light upgrade kit is 8 Watts
We use PoolTone™ Color LED's which are 300% brighter than OEM
Lights are controlled by light switch, no separate controllers needed
Dimensions of light are below, it is about 6 inches in diameter, if it is larger and closer to 10 inches, then you need the board for the larger pool light which we also sell.
Intellibrite spa light dimensions
**Please note, this board has more colors and more color shows then the base intellibrite® light so some Pentair® controllers will not be able to reach all of the colors and it will not sync if you have some standard intellibrite and some with retrofit upgrades with this board.  Call us if you have any questions.
We are not aware of an alternative to this LED light engine board for the intellibrite spa fixture.  We have not been able to find any other company that sells this board except for us.  So if you haven't had any luck finding it anywhere else that is why.

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Bulbs are covered by a 1 year warranty, click on link below for full warranty details