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Leviton 1R480-11 Series 1000, Dual Element Meter, 277/480V, 2PH, 3W, 100:0.1A

From the Manufacturer
As energy costs continue to rise, finding new ways to save is essential - and Leviton has an effective, affordable solution with submeters that measure and deliver data on energy use. Knowing exactly when and where energy is being used is a valuable tool that will help you better manage and conserve energy, to save money. The process is simple and effective - if power is flowing through a circuit, Leviton can measure it. The submeter is installed on the facility side of the master meter, and captures accurate measurements of power consumption. Leviton submeters are easy to specify and install - for new construction or retrofitting - allowing everyone to take advantage of this money-saving technology. Series 1000, Dual Element Meter, 277/480V, 2PH, 3W, 100:0.1A ratio, Max 100A, Small Outdoor Enclosure. Meter Only. Requires (1) 100A Current Transformer.
Use Series 100 Meters in commercial, institutional, industrial and government applications
For load profiling and benchmarking, BAS integration, usage aggregation, tenant cost allocation, measurement and verification, energy conservation and cost reduction and green building initiatives and Government mandates
Certified to all applicable standards of ANSI C12.1 and ANSI c12.20 (0.5) codes for electricity metering
Large LCD display shows kWh and instantaneous and peak demand (optionally) with manual keyed reset
Interfaces with numerous communication systems, Hardwired Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) or wireless AMR