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Leakmaster Quick Set Putty - White Epoxy Water Weld

Recommended to fix leaks in inground pools.  Use to plug cracks and seal around fittings, returns, and/or skimmers and tile work.
Hand-moldable epoxy putty in a convenient "one Stick" format hardens above or below the water to an off-white color. Aggressive adhesiveness and a fast, 5-minute cure time make Leakmaster Quick Set the logical choice for a multitude of non-cosmetic repairs.

Once cured it forms a permanent bond and can be drilled, tapped, filed, sanded, painted and will withstand temperatures of up to 300ºF
Plugs holes and makes permanent repairs
Fill and repair cracks in plaster, concrete, fiberglass and PVC
Repair cracks in skimmers, maindrains, and fittings