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PoolTone™ Cool White 12V LED for Hayward® Astrolite® Pool Light Conversion Upgrade Kit


This kit is designed to convert any Hayward® Astrolite® Pool size (about 10.5" in diameter which is standard) into a White LED light
No need to replace your entire fixture
No need to drain your pool
No need to run a new cord
Use the light housing you already have in place
Kit consists of:
1 - Lens Gasket
1 - New Pool Tone 12V Cool White LED Bulb
1 - New Solid Brass Pilot Screw with gum washer
Our 35 Watt version has 488 individual smd white led's on the board
Depending on the size of your pool and the number of lights in your pool you may or may not notice a difference between the two versions
Fits all standard pool niches
Brand New Direct Replacement Underwater Pool Light
35 Watts
We use PoolTone™ Color LED Bulbs which are about 300% brighter than OEM
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Bulbs are covered by a 1 year warranty, click on link below for full warranty details
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