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Anderson Leakmaster Blue 1 OZ Flexible Sealer - FS1B

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LeakMaster by Anderson Flexible Leak Sealer 1oz Tube Blue

 Mfg #: FS1B

Easy to use all purpose sealant is available in a convenient 1oz. resealable tube. Works underwater, bonds to virtually any material around the pool... even repairs vinyl leaks without a patch. The light blue color is designed to blend in to common liner patterns.

Nitrile rubber-based sealant provides a strong adhesive bond to most any material found around the swimming pool, even vinyl. Squeeze from the tube directly onto the material to be sealed. Flexible Sealer will skin over in seconds allowing it to be flattened with a wet finger. Cures flexible in minutes to hours depending on application thickness.

Seal vinyl leaks with or without a patch.
Seal between liner and face plates or fittings.
Use as a thread sealant or on small suction side plumbing leaks.
Seal small cracks in gunite or plaster.
Can be applied underwater.